4-year-old Greek girl kidnaps Roma couple

Maria and the Hostages - Live in Athens

Maria and the Hostages – Live in Athens

Anyone with small children knows it: all the little buggers want is a middle-aged Roma couple to call their own. To frolic and play with, have tea parties and worship pagan deities with and love forever and ever and ever.

Most responsible parents curb such desire for gypsies by age 3, as letting it fully develop can have dire consequences. This is very apparent in the case of Maria, the blonde little 4-year-old recently arrested in Greece for kidnapping a Roma couple.

“The girl is not related to either of the hostage adults, who she has been making pose as her parents, all the while having actual parents of her own already,” claims Police Commissioner Jamkos Gordonadapolos. “For a child who cannot yet spell her own name, she appears to be quite the mastermind.”

Charges against the evil munchkin are pending. The Roma couple are currently in protective custody, where they have been asked to stop cooking soup in the laundry room and playing the violin at all hours of the day and night.

For more on this Greekventure, click here.

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