For 8 minutes, sold car insurance

Since its launch, has had problems. Many of those involve the fact that health care (as in “Healthcare”) was not being properly administered (as in “.gov”). Solution? As Don Draper would say: change the conversation.

So for 8 minutes yesterday, decided to sell car insurance.

Apparently the glitch occurred when an IT contractor carelessly swapped code from an auto financier’s website into’s mainframe script. As such, while no Americans were able to become obtain affordable health coverage, many were able to determine a payment plan for a 2010 Dodge Durango.

After the site fixed the glitch and access to health insurance was restored, many users said that they would’ve preferred financing the Durango.

“We understand that the disturbance in service was automotively-based, and we’re sorry for that,” stated the webmistress/healthinatrix Kathleen Sebelius. “This problem will not happen again. We’ve got 99 new and exciting problems to roll out, and this ain’t one…bitch…I don’t think I did that right.”

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