Zebra Stripes Back!

What Emerges From the Pod!

An important lesson about the dangers of science in the home was learned by professor Brian Salad of Leeds last week when his attempt to replicate the teleportation experiment from his favorite film “The Fly” backfired spectacularily! Mr Salad, who is now utterly unrecognisable, neglected to notice that a zebra had walked into his laboratory when his back was turned. Zebra, common on the streets of Leeds where they wander around in large herds, often walk into people’s houses, and it is for this reason that the good professor should have been more careful. Having locked the door of his pod and started the machine he found that the creature was in there with him. Unable to reverse the process he stood helpless as the counter reached zero and the teleportation proceeded. What emerged from the other end was caught on camera. Follow the video link to see the entire experiment play out … it is not for the feint hearted!

Watch The Movie!

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