A White (van) Christmas

A family from the midlands had their Christmas dinner disrupted when a two tonne Ford Transit fell out of a cracker.

The Tibbet family, from Gary Lineker House in central Leicester, had to move all of their furniture out of their dining room in the third floor flat to enable them turn the vehicle 180 degrees to face the doorway. Luckily, the keys had been left in the ignition allowing them to start it up and drive it down the stairs.

“It was a real shock,” said Mrs Vera Tibbett “the rest of the family got little puzzles or a torch, but I got a commercial vehicle, which is a bit out of the ordinary. May be it’s because I bought them from Waitrose!”

This is the second embarrassing incident by the supplier, Kwikasulike Foods & Novelty Items, this year. In April, they hit the headlines when a fork-lift truck fell out of a Chinese fortune cookie in Essex, injuring three people.

A spokesman declined to comment.

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