Ad Nauseum

one hour commercials

Ad breaks and Commercials on digital/terrestrial television set to last over an hour!

The hounds of television advertising are swigging Waitrose cava, today; Offcom the broadcasting regulators have given the nod to allow ad breaks to last up to 64 minutes!

Public opinion is varied but mostly in favour of the new regulation:
‘There’s nothing I love more than television ad breaks; the skills in filming techniques, the witty script writing, this is progress leading to the possible scrapping of conventional television programming’.
‘A thorough ad break takes away the boredom of a documentary about a war; adverts inform you from changing to a higher grade of toothpaste (for sensitive teeth, by a dentist on flat fee) or cheaper car insurance; and the ads with a sketch in included are hilarious, they make Woody Allen look a 9am pint of Tuborg in Weatherspoon’s alone looser’.

Wagon wheels

Critics have praised this new venture as the biggest revolution in television since the 2007 comedy panel game explosion.

Presenter and broadcasters have jumped on the corporate band wagon: depressed multi-millionaire Stephen Fry has signed a deal to advertise for the Glen Mcarthur retail village, there are plans to make a motion picture version of the Premier Inn ad with funny man Lenny Henry CBE and excerpts from Ross Kemp’s combat fitness keep fit DVD will be played on a continuous loop on Sky Three.

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