Adele admits buying her own album 2 million times

Adele outsells Thriller

Instant Megastar Adele has admitted today that one night last January she drank four bottles of Peach Schnapps and accidentally purchased her own record-breaking album 21 over 2 million times, overloading and killing her ipod in the process.

She apologised for the act which was put down to a rare mental condition called ‘anebrius¬†¬†narcissisticus’ or falling in love with yourself while pissed.

It is entirely possible that this one act, which reduced her fortune by about half, may be responsible for the fact that her album has now sold more copies in the UK than Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

Thriller, a curiously prophetic album about a normal person who turns into a dancing zombie, is still the biggest selling album of all time, although there are suggestions that a blind man in Texas bought half a million of them to tile the roof of his ranch.

Adele is in good company, the next album in the list is ‘What’s the story – Morning Glory’ by Oasis which broke many box office records by outselling crack in some parts of Manchester.

Adele is sorry that she bought the albums, and says she’ll never do it again because she’s utterly sick of the damn thing and has no idea who Adele is but she looks a lot like her.




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