Aliens Exist – And they Taste Amazing!

Aliens have landed, and they ain’t half tasty! Reports from NASA indicate that alien lifeforms from outside our galaxy have landed on Earth and more are on the way disguised as popular foodstuffs. One of the first sightings was of a host of aliens – in the form of a Full English Breakfast – coming into our atmosphere and through the skies, flying in on a saucer. One onlooker told how a piece of bacon fell off the plate and was consumed by a passing dog. The dog was unharmed leading experts to believe that the alien foods that are coming to Earth are non-toxic and therefore do not pose any threat to the consumers, or the human race.
Why the aliens are taking on the appearance of food is not fully known but one theory is that they want to be eaten, to learn more about the inner workings of the creatures that inhabit Earth.

This week saw the biggest invasion yet, with thousands of perfectly deep-fried chips falling from the skies. The hot potato rain drops were devoured by many schoolchildren, birds and the like. Some members of the public have deemed the food too high risk to consume and do not trust anything extra terrestrial inside them. So, the big question is: when a Sunday Roast comes flying into your mouth, will you swallow?

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