All Time Greatest Films Were Rubbish

Taxi Driver

Film critic Mark Lawson today unearthed original screenplays for some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time.

The first draft scripts show that incredibly, the ideas for the stories needed considerable development before going to cinematic release. These included:

Taxi Driver: Story of a hard working New York cab driver, struggling to make a living.

The Godfather:  An Italian man is asked to be a guardian to his friend’s son.

Schindler’s List:  Comedy:  Mr Schindler loses his family’s Christmas presents list, with hilarious consequences.

The Hangover: A group of men go out and get drunk. They feel rough the next day.

Kramer versus Kramer: Two black American sisters excel at tennis and play each other in a Wimbledon final

The Graduate:  Dustin Hoffman gets a first at college.

Some Like it Hot: An attractive young woman gets the teas and coffees in.

However, Lawson went on to reveal that a large number of films were not altered after their original dismal first drafts and were unfortunately made into major feature films straight away. This list includes:

Marley and Me:  A young couple fall in love, then get a big dog.

You’ve Got Mail: A man opens an email account

Friends Without Benefits: A young man has a platonic relationship with a girl at work. He then, tries to progress this to a sexual relationship, unsuccessfully.

added that the latter list includes most films starring Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey.

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