America sectioned under the mental health act

USA Sectioned under the mental health actUSA is Certifiable

The UN council unanimously voted to have America sectioned under the mental health act.

As of tomorrow the entire country will be known as ‘That Mental bloke’ and treated with deep suspicion by other more sane countries.

The Mexican delegation said that America was so mad that starving drug mules who live their lives under evil protection rackets and eat their dinner whilst being shot at still refuse to cross the border into America for fear of their lives.

However there were no calls to restrict the movements or activities of the United States as they keep the rest of the world amused, social media ticking over and, well, make us all feel glad that we don’t live there.

Mad, illogical but endearing

‘It’s mad, illogical but rather endearing’ said the British delegate. ‘They vote but it doesn’t really do any good because there are so few options. They carry guns and blow the shit out of each other on a regular basis but the gun laws never change. The Christian far right are so out there that they make Satan seem like a viable choice for babysitter, but they’re kind of fun too right?’ he added.

So America joins the long list of countries who have become mental patients including; North Korea (currently serving life in the high security wing of a Seattle Jail), Cuba (A holiday resort for people who hate food), Iraq (somewhere to test stuff out and run away when it goes wrong) and of course Italy (In rehab indefinitely).

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