American Man-Boobs could save the 3rd world

man moobs can save the world

It has been estimated that if the fat from every Moob (Man boob) in America was extracted, frozen, flown to the 3rd world and cooked there would be enough to feed every starving baby they have for ten years!

There really is tons of the stuff!

There’s enough fat in American man breasts to run a power station that would provide electricity for a million households into the 22nd century!

It is already rumoured that one of the key reasons behind the Arab Spring uprising was an inherent fear amongst Oil states that human male titty-fat (HMTF) could replace the black stuff as the fuel of choice.

And it’s renewable!

Moobs can be emptied and re-grown again and again using pizza!

But it doesn’t stop there…

If you were to scoop the fat out of all the stomachs and arses of American, British and German fatties the resulting fat would be sufficient to feed the entire planet for a thousand years, give us all free fuel and end the obesity problem in one go!

For fucks sake we could put everything right if we just eat ourselves!

And we haven’t even mentioned burning dead people and sending pensioners into battle!

Legalise Cannibalism…Save the World

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