Angry Birds begin bombardment of NSA HQ

Angry Birds bombard Fort Meade

Angry Birds bombard Fort Meade

Enough is enough, the Angry Birds have taken the fight back to the NSA.

News that the NSA have been hacking into the program and collecting the personal data of various birds and gamers proved too much for the wingless Finnish stars.

The NSA team was believed to be searching for information pertaining to a new super weapon that would be used to overthrow the US government using catapults and parrots or something.

Well, now the nightmare is coming true…they don’t call them angry birds for nothing.

Located about 500 yards from Fort Meade in Maryland the birds have erected a giant catapult which, when angled properly, can send an angry bird right through a concrete wall.

Representatives from Candy Crush, The Sims and Age of Empires are also in attendance.

So far the damage has been minimal as the birds, ordinarily used to operating inside mobile devices, are acclimatizing to the Arctic weather conditions currently being endured by most of America.

The siege is expected to intensify during the day and as they progress through the level, new and more dangerous birds with special powers will inevitably be brought to bear.

Players of the much less entertaining ‘Passive Birds’ game in which fuck all happens have yet to have their privacy attacked.

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