There is no need for Angry Birds Roleplaying!

dirtybirdscomplete copyLook, I get it intellectually: Rule 34, if it exists there’s porn of it, all that ottershit.

But I am willing to put my foot down for the betterment of all living beings on this planet to make one thing very clear: Angry Birds Roleplay/Cosplay/Sexual Horseplay is simply not needed by anyone!

Observe these two attractive idiots sexing each other in full body paint after reenacting a round of Angry Birds. What are you doing for the well-being of existence? Have you no regard for the “Social Contract”??

Stop that!

Have yourself a wash and fuck like proper amateurs! Pinkies out Handy-cammers from the age of Serfdom!

Let me also be clear that I have no problem with Furries for some reason. Maybe it’s the suits. Maybe if these two were in suits I wouldn’t be hostile. No, I’d just be hostile for other reasons..

Anyway, next time your at the McDonald’s drive-thru and the girl at the window is really hot and also nice, just imagine what it would be like if she were an angry bird from Angry Birds. Would you appreciate her going beak-first into your cock? You’re still a human mind you. Would you enjoy a bird beak to the dick?

I mean really.

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