Ann Summers ISIS lingerie a big hit in Iraq

isislingerieSome people think that military force is the only way to stop terrorism. Others believe that, with enough frilly lace, you can do it with bras and panties.

With the release of Ann Summers’ new line of ISIS lingerie, the company hoped it’s sexy-yet-mature designs would usher in an end to the tragic conflicts plaguing Iraq and Syria. It didn’t, but what it did do is put a lot of terrorists in thongs.

“The men really love the designs,” claims an unnamed Islamic State spokesman. “After a good village pillaging, they enjoy dancing around in the lacy boy shorts putting on little shows for each other.

“Our women are not allowed to wear such attire, but are allowed to hold the video cameras at the sexy celebrations,” he added.

Ann Summers has since pulled its ISIS line, claiming that supporting the man boobs of terrorists was never the company’s intention.

For more on these undergarments, click here.

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