Annie Briated: Get a Life Madonna Ya Daft Mare

I remember reading that Madonna was asking for five million pounds because someone copied a few pictures of her wedding and gave them to a newspaper. Lets put this in perspective shall we ya daft mare? I earn a reasonable wage by ranting and occasionally going on the game; (around £35,000) but at that rate it would take me over 150 years to earn five million pounds, more than three times the average working lifetime…and no amount of macrobiotic dinners and kabbalah will make me live that long! I work a seven hour day, I get 25 days holiday per year so, allowing for weekends this period of time equates to something
like 247,000 hours of my time. Now the fun really begins…The average wage in Malawi (the country from which she buys children) is around 56p per day…and it would therefore take the average Malawian…(with no holidays or weekends off) …wait for it…nearly 25,000 years to earn enough money to appease poor distraught Madge who lost her precious piccies. Get a life woman! Someone get me a martini before the menopause finds me!

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