Another Hollywood Acting Career Wrecked by Normality!

An actor has spoken of his anguish at and attempts to recover from a near career ending addiction to a normal life. Rubbin Broccolo, 36 (or 47 according to his birth certificate) told The Haddock how his complete lack of interest in a showbiz lifestyle came close to destroying everything he held dear (that is to say, his career and his own self interest). Said Mr Broccolo; “It started off with my coming home from the film set on a Friday and popping out to get fish and chips instead of visiting my drug dealer. Before long I was seeing my family all the time and drinking up to four cups of coffee per day. Sometimes I would go out to a bar with my friends and sink up to three pints – and sometimes none at all because I was the designated driver. Before long the tabloids and gossip magazines just stopped being interested in my mundane, run of the mill lifestyle and in the end my agent came up to me and just begged me to seek publicity.â€

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