Anti-Royalist Group ‘Republic’ denied access to Jubilee Clips!

Jubilee Clip

Queen-haters ‘Republic’ who recently were so bored that they tried to have a pop at some school children who were having a really nice time inventing recipes for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will now be denied access to jubilee clips, even if they are plumbers.

In fact, as of tomorrow they are forfeit anything with the word ‘Royal’ in the title.

They will not be permitted to drink from Royal Doulton crockery nor piss into their toilets and they will not be defended by the Royal Navy, Airforce or Army (who are also royal although they seem to have lost that word).

However, it does’t stop there …they will not be allowed to use Crown Paint or support Crystal Palace, listen to Queen or Prince or under any circumstances enter Buckinghamshire.

Despite their liking for the cars they will also have to hand in the keys to their fleet of Austin Princess’s.

King penguins will be issued with restraining orders preventing Republic members from bringing their children to the zoo, where they would not be allowed to enjoy kingsize Mars Bars or visit Burger King.

They can’t smoke Royals, drink in Royal Oak or Greene King pubs, visit King’s Lynn or Queensferry, Royal Tunbridge Wells or Victoria Park.

The list of things they can’t do is exhaustive and growing by the day.  However they are still able to drink in Coffee Republic so it’s not the end of the world.

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