Archaologists Unearth Bronze-Age Car Park at Stonehenge

Was Stone Henge a theme park for Bronze Age People?

Was Stone Henge a theme park for Bronze Age People?

A team of archaeologists working outside Britain’s most popular stone thing; Stonehenge, were more than a little surprised when their trowels scraped against what later turned out to be a large area of tarmac.

It is generally accepted tarmac was not developed until Edgar Purnell Hooley patented it h in 1901 however it seems these canny little Bronze-Agers had figured it out way back then.

Why then, you might ask, would bronze age man, or indeed woman, need a car park as we’re pretty sure they didn’t have cars?

“We don’t know the answer to that!” said a world expert and unquestioned authority on the subject. “But it’s definitely a car park, it’s even got disabled bays!”

The ongoing question about the purpose of the henge has taken a new twist as it has been suggested, albeit controversially  that it was some sort of visitor centre and tourist attraction.

“Yes, we now think that it was a sort theme-park for sun worshippers ” Said Eleanor Banks, one of the interns. “We’ve found some post holes which resemble those made by a coconut shy, and there was also a golf course!”

This all sounds bit far fetched…but if you don’t agree with it, there’s really fuck all to say they’re wrong as the Stone-Age and Bronze-Age people didn’t write anything down.

There is a theory for that too…apparently they just used text messages and emails!