Arise Sir Name!

What’s in a God-given name?

Just like DNA tells our biological story could there be something in our surnames, too, according to retired house husband Dudley List from Piddle-On-Martyrs, Dorset, who has released his Chinless World–Record Breaking list of people whose jobs seem to uncannily echo their surnames.

Mr List explains to The Haddock. “It all started years ago when I had to go into hospital for a bang on the head and ended up in the Urinary Clinic, it’s a long story, but a Dr Wheedon and a consultant known as Mr Waz were looking after me and I couldn’t help but notice the correlation between the name and the job.

Then, when I converted to Catholicism and was confirmed by Cardinal Sin of The Philippines who was over on a visit. I did find that a bit unnerving but not as much as living next door to Dick Tator who I believe now runs riot over a small nation in Africa.â€

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