“Austerity” tops German baby names list

Austerity the most popular Baby Name

Austerity the most popular Baby Name

Austerity (Sparmaßnahmen); the watchword of economic recovery according to Angela Merkel has topped the German baby name charts for the first time.

Whilst it is moderately popular in the UK it has still been superceded by the far more popular “Whatever.”

Unsurprisingly it isn’t too popular in Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland or France.

Their most popular names are as follows:

Greece: παρακαλώ (Please)

Italy: Oblivous (Oblivous)

Spain: Evitar (avoid)

France: Passer (Spend)

The Irish have gone with Michael because it’s the only thing left they can take out of Europe.

“Austerity is perhaps surprisingly popular” said Meryl Banks, author of ‘Yet another ten million Baby Names,’ (Essentially a Dictionary with a different sleve). “Thomas is usually the big hitter but it’s the element of doubt which his putting people off. ”

Presumably the parents of the new generation of Austerities live in the hope that such a name can only lead to a life of frugality and therefore wealth which will provide the parents with that oh so important pension which they never quite got around to setting up.

Like it or not, Austerity is here to stay more or less.





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