Author of Barry Otter books told off again!

Melody Hazeltweet, author of the Barry Otter books has been told again that she is a blatant plagiarist and must not continue writing the stories.  The tales follow the adventures of Barry, a young Otter destined to be a great wizard after a Vole name Dermot nearly blew his head off as a baby. Vole Dermot has an evil plan to take over the whole river but Barry and his friends try to stop him. Miss Hazeltweet insists the stories are based on people she knows and any resemblance to characters or story lines used by J K Rowling are entirely coincidental.  The judge in the case: the Right Honourable Sir  Bentley Wallop-Rhodesia-Singleton QC dismissed this suggestion as utter bilge and warned the defendant that her activities were liable to get her into very hot water.  She asked for a recess so that Barry, who is currently fighting sea monsters in the Adriatic, could testify in her defence. The request was denied.

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