BBC Announces that Spooks is to be Replaced by Vulcan Drama ‘Spocks!’

Spooks to become Spocks Put away the kleenex and stop sobbing for the demise of Harry Pearce and the gang because a new drama series following the life and times of a Vulcan Family living in modern day Sevenoaks will more than fill the gap.

‘Spocks’ explores the turbulent relationship between Mr and Mrs Spock, their precocious and violent son ‘Kalculuseraptor’ and their Middle Class neighbours; the Dunstables.

Benedict Dunstable is a Maths teacher at a respectable school and his wife Ursula has lunch a lot, plays tennis badly, professes to be left wing and is an insufferable coffee snob.

The arrival of the Vulcans is unwelcome not least because of their irritating habit of pointing out whether or not a person’s actions are logical, behaviour that particularly irks Mr Dunstable because he teaches maths and is made to look like a blundering fool by Spock’s smart-arsed observations.

Billed as a meditation upon racism, intellectual snobbery, and the verbal aspersions cast towards Trekkies, Episode one finds the unlikely couples at loggerheads over the question of a condom cast over the Spock’s wall during the night.

Matters take a turn for the worse when the contraceptive is found to contain green sperm.

Spocks will hit TV screens on the first Sunday after the final episode of Spooks airs. Plans to create a spin-off series about the adventures of a serial killing optometrist called ‘Speks’ have been shelved indefinitely and the adventures of a gay cyclist ‘Spokes’ has also been put firmly back into the closet.

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