BBC can only afford to Predict the Weather for 2 out of 7 days!

BBC cannot afford weather

The BBC are struggling a bit at the moment.

Whilst they’ve managed to trim down their ageing stable with a few nifty moves aunty is still sickening for a few pennies and the public are baying for blood.

Acting director general of the BBC Tim Davie seems to be hinting that drastic rethink is required to steady the ship and it is likely that all services may be affected by this.

You may not realise it but weather forecasting is obscenely expensive.

Each two minute forecast at the end of the news costs more than double the rest of the program.

The reasons for this are somewhat unclear although there are some suggestions that it is linked to rumours that all weather presenters are vampires capable of hypnotising their employers into parting with huge sums of money.

Either way, the weather is going to take a hit.

From next week the BBC will only be able to predict weather conditions on two out of the seven days.

Starting with Tuesdays and Fridays they are expected to develop into Thursdays and Saturdays as the month goes on with occasional flurries of Mondays and Sundays as we move into the Christmas period.

It is likely that, down the line, it may just be weekends but Mr Davie will not be drawn on this question preferring just to pander to his superiors and shut the fuck up until another Newsnight blunder forces him retire from public life and spend more time with his family.