Bear-Skin Meets its Match

Bearskin hats, bloody silly looking things really that serve no purpose except to make soldiers faint are to recieve a modern upgrade. Threats to London such as those posed by terrorists mean that the hats, which are pretty expensive, now need to have some military purpose. Enter Bryant & May who have developed a bearskin hat which is, in fact, a giant match-head. When attacked, the seemingly defenceless redcoat can now strike his hat against the nearest rough surface and then, ablaze, run at the enemy and scare the heck out of him! There is one fairly obvious drawback with this design but in his defence the inventor said this was only a prototype.  A safety version is also in development but the MOD have quashed rumours that the household cavalry and other bearskin wearers will be parading the streets of london carrying giant match boxes.

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