Ben Affleck to fight Giant Octopus!

Ben Affleck’s journey through the list of things he’s never done takes him to the Pacific Ocean where he will be attempting to wrestle ‘Samson’ the World’s Largest Octopus.

Having just topped his list with ‘Winning an Oscar’ something he’s never done, and let’s face it, none of us though he ever would.

Ben Affleck

Samson will Fight Ben Affleck

Other things on Ben’s list include:

1) Being touted the next big thing
2) Playing the wrong comic book hero
3) Marrying an actress
4) Divorcing an actress and marrying another actress
5) Becoming the next big loser
6) Growing a beard
7) Becoming the next big thing, again
8) Thanking everyone for the previous 7 things.
9) Winning an Oscar

and now…

10) Wrestling the world’slargest Octopus!

When asked which one of these things was the most rewarding he mumbled something under his breath about J-lo’s butt, but then smiled and said marrying his beautiful wife and receiving an Oscar!

All eyes will be on the octopus fight which could make or break his run of luck.

Last year Daniel Day-Lewis fought Samson and beat him easily having spent the previous month pretending to be a Great White Shark (much to the chagrin of his long suffering wife who was forced to pretend she was a Herring).

Number eleven on Affleck’s list is throwing a rubber boot across Lake Michigan…Do his ambitions know no limits?

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