Bible “Top Trumps” This Year’s Best Selling Christmas Toy!

Bible Top Trumps

Toy retailers are stocking up on this year’s surprise ‘must have’ toy; Bible Themed Top Trumps! Relive the action and adventure of history’s greatest Sci-Fi adventure book.

Before the Lord of the Rings we had the seven headed serpent, before the three musketeers we had the four horsemen of the apocalypse … super cool enemies of the ultimate indestructible deity-warrior God!

It’s the most fun you can have without a twenty-sided dice.

As you might expect, God and family are the big scoring cards but they do have their weaknesses.

With a shag factor of 10 Satan can beat just about anyone although he scores badly in other areas, particularly righteousness in which he gets a big fat zero.

John the Baptist scores highly in ‘worst feet’ and Methuselah is hands down winner in the ‘extreme age’ category although Mary the mother of Jesus sort of blows him out of the water having technically never died.

Jesus is excluded from this category as it is generally accepted that he was around in the days before Bethlehem and nobody really knows how old he is.

All we do know is that despite his overwhelming competence and suitability for the job he will never inherit is father’s business because God has no plans to retire.

Bible Top Trumps or ‘God Trumps’ as the kids are calling them, offer adventure, gratuitous violence and a moral compass all bundled into one. No wonder the shops are selling out.

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