Bill Nye remains tactful while facing CNN anchor’s stupidity

Bill Nye has, since the mid-90s, been known as the baddest bowtie-wearing motherfucker in the world of science. That’s why they call him “The Science Guy.” You want a judo chop of science to the right temple? You get The Science Guy. You want like, atoms? Bill Nye has got tons of them.

Many people don’t know just how much of a kicker of asses he is however, being that he is also a master of congeniality. The limits of his poise were tested last week when a bobblehead doll (or “news anchor”) from CNN asked Dr. Nye if the recent asteroid activity suddenly trouble earth is an effect of global warming.



“No, my wide-eyed darling. But ‘Meteorology’ and ‘Meteor’ do both start with the letter M!” replied the doctor. He then put a shiny gold star on the anchor’s forehead.

The incident made for a nice tie-in to Bill’s new book: Candor: How to Be Polite to Stupid People which will be released in paperback this fall.

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