Boeing 787 Dreamliners found Buried under Burmese Airport


Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Archaeologists searching for a number of Spitfires believed to have been buried by British troops in Burma during World War II have got more than they bargained for.

At a press conference this mornining a spokesperson for the team was forced to announce that the story about the Spitfires is a ‘Baseless load of bollocks made up by some loon!’.

However, the dig was far from fruitless as instead of the vintage planes seven full sized Boeing 787 Dreamliners were found buried beneath a disused airstrip.

‘The metal detector nearly exploded when we ran it over the site, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing!’ Said one of the team.

It turned out that the Burmese government bought a consignment of the new super jets only to discover that they don’t work and no fucker wants to be in the air in one!

These planes cost a lot of money so they cooked up a story that they were eaten by furious Orangutans protesting about the loss of their habitat to Palm Oil plantations, and tried to claim the insurance money.

Then then buried them…just like that!

The Insurance company almost bought it too!

Now that the planes have been dug up their future is uncertain because they still don’t work and no fucker still doesn’t want to go up in one.

In the meantime, Burmese airways will be operating an ‘ammended’ timetable using some planes which bear a striking resemblance to Sptifires painted to look like airliners.

Apparently they found them in a shed round the back of the airport…