BOOK REVIEW: ‘I Can Make You Successful Enough to Pay My Fee!’ by Raoul Bandanna

Success, Success…Think it and believe it!

Raoul Bandana; Keeper of the Keys to your Soul!

We all know that you can’t get decent therapy unless you’re rich and quite frankly, up until now, the poor can go mad whilst they’re waiting for an NHS appointment.

Up until now that is…

Now: there’s HOPE!

Now, there’s ‘I can Make You Successful Enough to Pay My Fee!’ by world famous Hypnotist Raoul Bandana!

This new 10 step program by celebrated hypnotist Raoul Bandana  will help you with your everyday insanity issues and turn your failed life into a roaring success.

Soon you’ll make a fortune which, by a happy coincidence, is what Raoul will charge you!

But at least you’ll be able to afford it.

Just think what you’ll feel like, a new confident, powerful, you with enough money to afford to pay a proper hypnotherapist!

A mouth-watering prospect, no?

He’s so confident he’ll sort out your issues on a ‘No Life/No Fee’  basis.

If you don’t get a life, you don’t pay.

So if you end up topping yourself or dying like a dribbling vegetable in a sanitarium he’ll waive his fee.

Now that’s value!

Raoul has over thirty years of experience during which he sold chalk pills to African Malaria sufferers pretending it was quinine.

In Fresno he marketed mouthwash as Bulgarian Creme de Menthe and globally he’s sold over fifty thousand copies of his ‘Mental Rohypnol’ book for getting girls with mind games, lies, essence of musk and falsified documents.

The man’s a miracle, and now his talents are accessible to all!

Raoul makes this solemn promise to everyone who buys his new book: “I don’t cure you, you don’t pay! ‘

You’d have to be MAD not to try it!

That ought to give you a measure of the man.

But don’t just take our word for it…read these unfakeable testimonies from real people helped by Raoul.

Betty from Maine: ‘All my bad memories are gone…I don’t even remember meeting Raoul, nor how I became pregnant…but I’m happy, I’ll tell you that!’

Joe from Reno: ‘It must have worked, after all, I paid the fee didn’t I? I wouldn’t have done that unless I was 100% satisifed’.

And it doesn’t end there…

The first thousand people to buy a copy of ‘I can Make You Successful Enough to Pay My Fee!‘ will also recieve a copy of Raoul’s last book ‘The memory valet’ absolutely free.

Clear your mind of unwanted memories and junk and make space for new memories and experiences, some of which may involve Raoul!

Don’t hesitate, buy your copy today and maybe Raoul Bandanna will turn you from a welfare statistic into a moderately well off victim, surely that’s got to be an improvement.

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