Brad Pitt Proposes to Angelina Jolie from inside her Womb

Using James Cameron’s ‘Vertical Torpedo’ Sub, actor Bradd Pitt was lowered into Angelina Jolie’s womb by a support vessel. Once there he proposed to his love by video link.

Angelina, who said the romantic act came as a complete surprise, was at ‘smug grin pilates’ class at the time.

Apparently she became aware of a tickling sensation during an exercise called the ‘Sanctimotius Position’ and then the video screen at the one end of the gym burst into life.

Mr Pitt said he hit upon the idea whilst watching James Cameron descending into the Marianas Trench…either that or whilst watching ‘Inner Space’ on a heavy tequila binge.

Mr Cameron for his part was happy to help on condition that the whole event could be filmed, rendered into 3D and shown at the IMAX Cinema for three times the price of a normal cinema ticket to an audience desperately trying to keep their eyes open by free-basing pick’n’mix.

The proposal comes as no surprise, the couple have been dating for some years now and recently adopted Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe who is now the oldest of their ten thousand children.

It is believed that the dictator will be ‘a bit of a handful’ and will therefore benefit from the stable homelife associated with married parents.

However they were careful to adopt him before getting hitched so that legally he will remain a bastard.