Brian Blessed Marries the Dalai Lama

Brian Transplant

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Brian Blessed goes and marries the Dalai Lama. Nobody, especially the people of Tibet and Mr Blessed’s wife were even remotely aware the two had even met, let alone become engaged. They were married in a small registry office outside Hazlemere where they plan to live out their lives in blissful carnal obscurity. Mrs Lama (As Brian is to be known hence forth) is said to be thrilled with the prospect of domestic toil and has already put her over-sized wedding dress on Ebay to pay for cleaning products and an apron. Mr Lama meanwhile has joined a local golf club and has an application pending for the Round Table Society.

Leading a Double-Wife

Brian Lama will remain married to his original wife and see her as much as he can. When interviewed about the incident his children appeared unmoved by the wedding, instead treating it like another hobby for the old man. Mr Blessed has led a very colourful life thus far and this incident is fairly minor compared to many of his adventures.

The honeymoon is already in progress, the happy couple are staying in a small Cornish Fishing village populated exclusively by deaf chandlers. They were ejected from the original hotel in Buckinghamshire after screaming the phrase “Blessed Relief” over and over again during the early hours of the morning!

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