Bronze Age Tourist Office Found

tourist office

tourist office

To mark the 20th anniversary of the discovery of his mummified remains in the Swiss Alps, a team of archaeologists have re-visited the site where Oetzi (A bronze aged mountain man) laid for nearly 5000 years and to their utter surprise, they found his watch! The watch which bronze with a mammoth-skin strap, even displayed the correct date and time of his death (March 12 3324 B.C. at 5.17pm). Not only that, but beneath a boulder not ten yards from the spot where he died, lay his diary carved on a piece of slate. Sadly this document revealed his true cause of death and the ridiculous circumstances which led to it. According to his own account, Oetzi died in a Hang Gliding accident after his rig crashed into a ski-lift. He points out that he was drunk on mead and had had a falling out with his wife leading up to this. Following directions left in the diary, a pre-historic ski-chalet has been unearthed, complete with bar, ski-hire and a tourist information office which contained a treasure trove of information about the Iron Age leisure industry. Suffice to say, this discovery has raised many more questions than it attempted to answer. The chief question being WTF????

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