Bucky O’Hare is the illest shit ever



A group of obnoxious animation critics have determined that the early 90’s cartoon Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars is “the illest shit ever.” These critics were also NWA fans in middle school.

Jeff Ziglan, co-founder of the Obnoxious Animation Critic’s Blog (oddly referred to as “OINGO” by followers) claims that the group reached consensus after watching the entire series in one go. “We already knew it was at least top five on the illshitometer” claims Ziglan. “We sat. We watched. That shit is the illest shit ever.” This man is wearing a monocle, no lie.

Lithe Brenshaw, the groups Treasurer and cage cleaner, concedes that the program isn’tI perfect…because that shit doesn’t have to be: “Is the animation choppy? Yes. Is the quality of these DVDs piss poor? Yes. Am I watching this show alone in the middle of the afternoon anyway? ..the decision was simple.”

While the merits of the show itself are numerous, equally spectacular is the show’s theme song, which plays in its entirety at both the beginning and end of every episode. The words “funky fresh” are used in this theme song. Critics have referred to the song as “the illest shit ever bookends” and “the 9-grain honey oats bread surrounding the illest shit ever sandwich of ‘god damn, this is the illest shit ever.’”

This is a picture of Tulsa, Oklahoma. What the hell is this doing here?

This is a picture of Tulsa Oklahoma. What the hell is this doing here?

Look I’m not even going to continue this bullshit article right now. I’m going to just say it flat out: Bucky O’Hare is the illest shit ever. I am not at all sorry for repeating myself. Okay, now back to the bullshit:

The obnoxious animation critics community will convene again next Thursday to see if any other animated programs can satisfy a man’s soul quite like Bucky O’Hare. They hope to at least identify a distant third place. Because Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars takes first and second place.

Because it’s the illest shit ever.

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