Buffalo Wild Wings to begin allowing employees to work from Twitter

"Buffalo Wild Wings: This'll never get fixed!™"

“Buffalo Wild Wings: This’ll never get fixed!™”

The popular US sports bar/restaurant/asshole magnet Buffalo Wild Wings has announced that as of next month, certain employees will be able to do their work via Twitter. The decision is being praised as “revolutionary” by the company’s board of directors.

“Much like Yahoo!, we wanted to make a statement,” says corporate spokesman Harry Burlask, “Except we wanted ours to be something a bit closer to ‘Fuck Our Clients.’ But of course you can’t put that on the back of a t-shirt, so we went with a more show-me-don’t-tell-me approach.”

Indeed, now the same servers who already don’t serve and bartenders who don’t tend the bar can do so from the comfort of their own beds. From their pajamas, tweets can be sent about funny cat pictures, being tired…pretty much anything that isn’t related to the food service industry.

Can I tweet you my order?


All Twitter accounts will be set to private. Thus, as is the case in real life, friends of employees will be the only people getting attention. An unfortunate thing for those who frequent Buffalo Wild Wings regularly, but have been deemed “too creepy to be friendable.”

That’s about all we have for this article, so here’s a video about potato farming:

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