Businessman shoots himself to avoid smalltalk with the office cleaner!

mop and bucketSmalltalk costs lives

In a desperate attempt to avoid smalltalk with the office cleaner a man in Buffalo Texas shot himself in the face with a magnum .44 calibre pistol yesterday evening.

Bob Krantz 51, financial director, was pronounced dead at the scene on account of the fact that most of his head was missing.

Friendly jovial harassment

Over the last six to eight months Mavis Garcia 63, had been ‘talking shit in Mexican’ to anyone she encountered.

Most people were fine with this, either nodding politely whilst ignoring her or telling her to fuck off and never speak to them again, but on account of is weak personality and inability to detach himself from awkward situations; Bob put up with it day in day out.

We spoke to a number of people who described conversations with Mavis as anything from friendly jovial harassment right up to putting your face into a wasps nest while being fist-fucked by a guy wearing medieval armour.

So, perhaps Bob’s actions were justified? What do you think?

After the police had left; Mavis had to stay late to mop up all the blood and was said to be very annoyed about it.

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