Cameron Unable to Swallow Outpouring From Balls

Ed Balls has a lot to swallow

Ed Balls has a lot to swallow

It was more than David Cameron could take when Ed Balls shot another load of crap across the disspatch box at him.

As he reeled from the sizzling delivery he wiped his face with his hands and announced that the Shadow Chancellor is the nastiest hurtyest meany in the universe and if he doesn’t stop he’ll say some even worse words and then set the speaker on him.

Mr Balls suggested that despite the Prime Minister’s impassioned state he shouldn’t have risen to challenge.

Mr Cameron has issued a demand that from tomorrow onwards Mr Balls dress as a rabbit during all future encounters and treat all members with loving care and attention.

Ed Balls responded to this saying that he would do that happily so long as the Prime Minister dressed up as Margaret Thatcher and only addressed the house having inhaled helium.

This furious yet extremely fluid exchange was prompted by Ed Balls and his unnatural fear of cuts.

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