Capture the Flag Temporarily Outlawed in Tanzania

The popular schoolyard game capture the flag has been made temporarily illegal in the country of Tanzania, as the nation only has one copy of the flag left at the moment. “We used to have three flags,” explains Tanzania’s foreign affairs minister Bernard K. Membe, “but one was damaged by a coffee pot which exploded, and the other was stolen by a local boy and fed to his pet goat. These were both unexpected incidents.”

Tanzanian children take capture the flag rather seriously, and often damage both their clothing and flags in regular play. “With such passionate youth, the risk of damage to the remaining flag was too great,” Membe claims.

An order for several dozen shipments of flags has been placed, but their arrival has seen a number of delays. “There is a group of men with machetes blocking parts of our main trade route. It is unclear what they want. Also, there are still dozens of thirty-something filmmakers roaming through the continent looking for Joseph Kony. They too cause problems,” says Membe.

With capture the flag against the law, game options are limited; most will likely take up distance stick throwing until the ban on their favorite passtime is lifted.

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