Captured ISIS terrorists forced to learn Klingon

ISIS to learnTrek is the new Waterboarding

ISIS terrorists deserve the best, and when it comes to mental torture, few things beat 9 hours of Klingon lessons every day!

Anyone from the organisation who is captured, or who tried to join the ‘Fuckit let’s just start a war because our lives are really dull’ organisation and didn’t quite make it, will undergo this new treatment.

In most cases, two to three months of learning Klingon is more than enough to convert even the most ardent extremist into a dribbling vegetable no more dangerous than a paraplegic manatee!

Learning Klingon prevents breeding!

Not only that, but by converting terrorists into trekkies, the chances of these former Jihadists getting laid is reduced exponentially; so there’s no need to worry about daddy’s little soldier taking revenge for his father’s brainwashing.

It’s a simple one-stop-shop for terrorist rehabilitation.

The US and UK government are currently recruiting Klingon teachers, so if you’re one of those spotty little nerds who’s idea of a date is wanking during a re-run of Friends, then sign up today!

Your country, if nobody else, needs you!

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