Centipedes in Scuba Gear Invade Lido!

Swimming Pool

Up to 78 large centipedes measuring several yards long have been found drowned in a Dymchurch swimming pool.
Lifeguard, Seraphim Richards explained to The Haddock what met his eyes, as he went about his work at 7am this morning.
“I came into work, and I thought, ‘funny, there’s a bloody centipede in the pool’, and sure enough, there was a 4 four foot centipede, belly-side up, in the pool! Then I looked again and I thought again, ‘funny’, the bloody centipede is only a wearing a full set of diving kit,’ and sure enough I looked, and there was a centipede with full diving gear on, except for the flippers…..I thought ‘funny’ it’s not even wearing any flippers, and then I remembered we didn’t have enough in stock.

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