Cherie Blair: (WMD) Woman of Media Disasters

Once again Cherie Blair has made life difficult for former (alleged) warmongering dictator hubby Tony after alluding to their sex-life in an interview. As if life in the spotlight isn’t already hard enough for Mr Blair, now we are going to be thinking of him and his wife making love every time they are seen together grinning cheekily for the cameras. For those with a delicate constitution this is like watching an autopsy whilst listening to someone dragging a piece of glass down a chalkboard. It’s hard to say what possessed her to blurt out this latest clanger, perhaps it’s just the love of a woman for her man which, whilst touching, is probably not how he sees it. By the way Cherie … just because you conceived at Balmoral, it doesn’t mean that your children are in line for the throne … although this is known to be one of Mr Blair’s ultimate ambitions after becoming Pope, President of the United States and King of the Milky Way respectively.

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