Chess Set with Women Bishops Available!


Woman Bishop

Woman Bishop

Call it jumping the gun but a new set of chess men featuring women bishops is soon to be available in the shops.

The bishops, which have large wooden breasts and are more curvaceous than traditional chess bishops have already come under fire from women who say they’re degrading and stereotypical, other women who say they don’t go far enough and of course the Church of England who mutter incomprehensibly then pass out on a chesterfield.

The new piece will have broadly the same powers as traditional male bishop’s except that it will have the ability to change it’s mind and move randomly every three goes.

In addition to this it will not ‘take’ pieces it will ‘instruct them to leave’ as this is seen as more lad-like behavior.

In an effort to save face the Church have requested that a male bishop also be present on the board and that it must go first but the game makers told them to bugger off!

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