Child bearing has a Diversity Problem

Did you automatically think this was a woman's stomach?'re a racist.

Did you automatically think this was a woman’s stomach? Exactly…you’re a racist.

Babies. Nobody likes them, but they’re necessary. Though we’ve conquered many of our natural instincts, propagating our horrible species persists, and as such, people continue to pump out smaller people with tiny fingers and toes that don’t know how to talk and smell funny.

But in this day and age, where equality is important for some reason and everyone is a poor unfortunate victim, is it really right that only half the population has the right to have children? Literally 100% of children born last year were birthed out of female bodies. Are we living in the Dark Ages?

Cry out for the Male Uterus!

The only man to date that has given birth was born a lady, so he’s disqualified. The other man to give birth was Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he got pregnant illegitimately – the butler did it!

If a man cannot put a robot on an asteroid whilst he has titties on his button-down, men should be able to poop out babies just like the ladies do. It may be a long, painful process, but the gays would eat it up. This is a cottage industry waiting to happen, and I’d like to light a cigar with the first baby born of a man’s womb.

His hairy-chested, masculine womb. It probably wears plaid, that womb.

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