China expels all Western Cartoon Characters starting with Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is too happy for China.

Peppa Pig is said to be unhurt but upset

Peppa pig is the first high profile cartoon character to be arrested, questioned, charged with ‘spreading happiness’, and expelled from China.

Peppa is said to be unhurt but but badly shaken by the experience and her little brother George has had his favourite dinosaur confiscated which has left him heartbroken, especially since ‘Dinosaur’ is the only word he knows.

Sources at the Chinese board of censorship suggest this is just the beginning of a coming purge.

Peppa pig and other cartoon characters have been accused of being nice, funny, pleasant, cheery and a other disruptive behaviour.

Peppa and friends have not denied the charges but in a statement to be released later today she admits that had she known about this she’d probably have been more unpleasant in accordance with local tastes.

Already there are reports of other high profile characters being dragged from their homes in the wee hours.

Spongebob Square pants and his army of retainers and his model girlfriend Samantha Huarez are holed up in the US Embassy in Beijing, meanwhile Bob the Builder and Shaun the Sheep who were enjoying a well deserved night out at Peranakan KTV spot in downtown Shanghai were bundled out of the back door by their security team as the police raided the joint.

There are unconfirmed reports of the Tasmanian Devil and Yosemite Sam being holed up in an apartment on the 67th floor of a skyscraper in Shenzhen having fought their way across the city but this is unconfirmed.



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