Chinese Zoo admits that dogs and lions are not the same thing

Ironically, they call her "Simba."

Ironically, they call her “Simba.”

Paws for concern!

A zoo in China has come under criticism over the fact that no one working in the zoo seems to know anything about animals.

In an official statement from a man simply referred to as “Xai,” the zoo “is not responsible for accurate information regarding it’s displays” and that “everyone working at the zoo wears gloves at all times.”

Wag the dog indeed!

Most of the zoo’s visitors have, in the past, turned a blind eye to the discrepancies in the zoo’s exhibits. The breaking point came earlier this week however, when a man videotaped a lion enclosure which was quite clearly housing a Tibetian Mastiff. The Tibetian Mastiff is a dog, and as such, not a lion.

“We fully admit that dogs and lions are different animals,” claims Xai. “…but really, isn’t this issue a matter of splitting hairs? You come to a zoo, you see animals, you get bored, and you decide to go see a movie. Do the animals really matter?”

Xia’s position at the zoo was never specified. Comment from Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) would’ve probably been worth including.

For more on this bait-and-switch, click here.

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