Chocolate Teapots: Still not a good idea

Once again, maverick teapot company Rainbow Spout have, amidst universal condemnation of their utter stupidity, attempted selling chocolate teapots. You may recall the last time they attempted this stunt a number of people were burned and there were complaints of the tea tasting like chocolate. Gunther Pinpoint, CEO of Rainbow Spout insisted that people foolish enough to buy chocolate teapots have no business complaining about them melting and went on to say that nowhere on the packaging does it suggest that these items should actually be used for the making of tea or other hot beverages.Advertising standards experts have waded into the fray insisting that Mr Pinpoint is exploiting idiots in order to make money but this statement has opened up a whole can of worms (supplied by Mr. Gunther’s other company Worm Foods Ltd.). Worm Foods Ltd. are currently embroiled in their own legal action against a man who claimed that their product was poorly labeled. He had apparently gone out to buy some food for his worm (named Jake) and was horrified to instead find that the packet actually contained a number of pickled worms. Despite all of this both products are available at regional branches of Merry Chase, the supermarket that specializes in products named after cliche’s. Their pet department is believed to be doing a roaring trade in “cat and pigeon” gift sets.