Did Chris Weidman replace Anderson Silva’s leg with a pool noodle at UFC 168?

UFC 168: Noodle-gate!

Prior to the rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva at UFC 168, the fight was essentially being billed as Weidman v. Silva II: Silva’s Redemption. The highly-praised and respected former champion was to cut his signature showboating act, regain his title, and set the MMA universe back into proper alignment.

Instead, he shattered his shinbone like a florescent light tube.*

Immediately following the bout, the MMA rumor mill began churning the notion that Silva’s leg went to pieces a little too easily. After intense research and debate, UFC president Dana White ordered an official review into whether or not Chris Weidman or a member of his team may have tampered with Silva’s legs prior to the match. Primarily, whether or not they had been replaced with pool noodles.

Initial x-rays are believed to show no sign of spongy tubular water toys. On the contrary, they show that if you trace all the cracks in Silva’s tibia, they form the phrase “tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.”

To further observe absolute anguish, click here.

* – To be fair, Silva did maintain great focus while getting his face tenderized in Round 1.

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