Christ’s Hobby may have been Water-Skiing!

water skiing - Jesus water skiing, christ water skiingArchaeologists working in Jordan have found what is believed to be a 2000 year old water-ski belonging to none other than Jesus Christ.

The two metre long ski was found among other holy relics in a cave which was believed to be a site of early Christian worship.

Although not mentioned in the published gospels, there are references to ‘Christ’s hobby’ made in other works found among the dead sea scrolls and it is widely accepted by some scholars that this maybe how he pulled off the walking on water stunt.

Sceptics have been quick to point out that there were no speed boats around in those days and so water skiing would not have been possible in 1st century Galilee.

However, it is just about possible to water-ski behind a sailing boat in a good wind and we know from scripture that it was blowing a hoolie when the miracle was performed.

“Why do you think he hung out with so many fishermen?” Said Arthur Pemberton, the chief archaeologist at the site. “There’s no mention of him angling in the bible!”

Members of the clergy are up in arms at the suggestion that the Apostles was just a glorified sailing club and point out that Christ spent most of his time on land performing miracles which could not simply be explained away by water-sports.