Cigar Maniac Extinguished

Police marksmen were called to a pub in West London in response to an incident involving a man brandishing a lit cigar. In what has been described as ‘a moment of madness’ the man – who can not be named for legal reasons – had entered the Beagle public house in Hewitt Street with the cigar already alight and, according to eye witnesses, was deliberately ‘smoking’ it by sucking at the end and drawing the fumes into his mouth and then expelling them again.

By the time police arrived, the pub’s interior was wreathed in second-hand smoke and had had to be evacuated. Fire crew and the ambulance service were also in attendance.  Fortunately, a marksman could still see enough through the fug to be able to shoot at the man’s right forefinger, causing him to drop the cigar which subsequently went out. The man and the cigar were then taken away for forensic analysis and were both  destroyed later in the interests of health and safety.

 The landlord, Alastair Inglenook, was clearly shaken but declared that it would be ‘business as usual’ at the Beagle once full air integrity had been restored. ‘We got away pretty lightly, really,’ he continued. ‘The pub wasn’t that busy when it happened. Thank God, most of my customers were in the toilets chopping out lines of coke.’

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