Clarkson states ‘prime minister should be castrated’

Jeremy Clarkson Custard Pie

Jeremy Clarkson today apologised for saying, live on television that ‘all striking public sector workers should be shot’, stating that he didn’t think anyone would take him seriously.

The Top Gear presenter did however stand resolutely by other comments he made on The One Show, including ‘All conniving politicians, including the prime minister, should be castrated’ and ‘All Reliant Robin owners should be hung and their innards displayed on high from the Tower of London’.

Obviously on a roll, he went on to state ‘Every poncy student in the land should be kicked out of college and made to get a proper job’ and ‘All the monarchy deserve to be knighted’ but didn’t elaborate on how the Queen might bestow such an honour on herself.

Fellow Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond defended his colleague in an interview with The Haddock.

He said ‘People don’t understand the enormous pressure placed on high profile broadcasters and how an innocent, throwaway remark can be magnified out of all proportion’. He added ‘Yeah, and Jeremy can also be a stupid tw** when he wants to be as well’.

Rumours at ITV that Simon Cowell is to replace Gary Barlow as a judge on the X Factor, in order to boost flagging ratings couldn’t be confirmed or denied.

However, a spokesman said ‘I cannot speak for Mr Cowell, but I think it is unlikely, given that Clarkson is more inclined tell every act that they are ‘f***ing useless’ before they have even had chance to sing’.

Simon Cowell gave only unintelligible, monosyllabic responses when The Haddock knocked at his door at 5.30am this morning for an interview.

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