Clegg Is Not Prime Minister Because He Doesn’t Know the Right People


Nick Clegg is Not the  Prime Minister

Nick Clegg: A man who is many things, none of which is Prime Minister

Nick Clegg said today that there should be no more nepotism in the world. It should not be about who you know, but what you know and your quality as a person.

“If your mother slept with the pope, that shouldn’t automatically make you eligible to be a cardinal, if your father is a billionaire, that shouldn’t mean that you get a really nice job, really fit girlfriend, a really fast car and never have to worry about money or anything for the whole of your life! It’s just not fair … it should be about the man, not the contacts and his parents and blind luck.” he said in a text to Rebekah Brooks (which was intercepted by a Google Street View Truck).

Nick, who’s father was chairman of United Trust Bank and held CBE, was born in poverty-stricken Buckinghamshire. His great-grandfather was a Russian baron. He attended Westminster school where the annual school fees are nearly £30 000, three times as much as Oxford University (no wonder he knows a thing or two about the price of education).

If there ever was a rags to riches tale of non-nepotism it is his …Ultimately the key to a successful political career is preparation and learning the ability to think before you speak!

And that folks is why Nick Clegg is NOT THE PRIME MINISTER!

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