Cloud Artist Falls to his Death

Vernon Du Vent, the worlds only cloud artist, died today after falling ten thousand feet from the wing of a plane. He was just adding the finishing touches to his latest piece entitled ‘Cumilobastardos’ when the cord securing him to the aircraft snapped and he was lost. Vernon gained notoriety around the world after sculpting a replica of Mount Rushmore from an alto stratus cloud only last year, and before that a series of works around the theme of flying sheep.  However this latest project was to dwarf the others.

was a pioneering idea,” said fellow artist Jules Brouillard, famous for sketching nude women using nothing but hill fog. “He was working on a Cumilonimbus thunder cloud, bold and dangerous … sadly we’ll never know how the work turned out for he and his canvas are gone.”

It is understood that a bolt of lightening struck the plane.

“Stupid Bastard,” said his wife. “I told him to stick to paint!”

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